Apple A7 Chipset To Face 64-bit Android Heat


Intel has announced that they are determined to assemble a 64-bit Bay Trail Atom platform for Android which will be launched on all android devices next year. Apple caught the market in September when they announced the 64-bit A7 chipset for their iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad Mini and claimed to have the technological upper hand due to the 64-bit kernel.

What’s the big deal?

Android smart phones and tablets are currently operating at 32-bit but Intel’s general manager Hermann Eul says that it is likely to change. With the possible introduction of 64-bit kernel into the smart phones, android based phones will now allow data-intensive applications to handle much more information efficiently than the 32-bit, which will enhance graphic experiences of the user, such as better gaming. The android officials expect the start of a new era of Application creation and Epic gaming once the new technology is introduced into the system. The 64-bit allows the android phones to address a larger quantity of memory – much more than the 4 GB limitations which most of the 32-bit processors offer.

Android giants such as Samsung, Sony and LG are anticipating the arrival of the 64-bit chipset. Samsung’s mobile chief, JK Shin has already expressed his desire to create 64-bit phones in the future.

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