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Logging on to a web address can sometimes be a very informative and learning experience.  There are some sites online like eBrahma that are offering online assistance with troubleshooting tips and different networking tools. Here in this manuscript, I will be highlighting some commonly used online tools which are available for free.

GEO TRACE: is an online tracking tool that requires a valid IP address as an input. It then processes such numeric encrypted data and tracks down the geographical location to which, the specified IP address is assigned. Geo Trace has the ability to locate the exact city with area code and longitude / latitude measurements.

EMAIL TEST: is a tool to verify the integrity of a doubtful email address. Just input the ID followed by the Run button, and it will carry certain tests. The next screen shows a sequential view of the Host with its concerned IP, and results for the test. The result column concludes with the Email Status, either being Valid or not.

SPEED TEST: is an assessment tool that can also facilitate the visitors, other than IT professionals. Just run the test and let it analyze the capabilities of your internet connection. Soon as the test finishes, you will be displayed with the Download and Upload Speed in MB/s.

WHOIS/IPWHOIS LOOKUP: extracts and displays Registrar and Owner contact information, along with date of registration, for the domain entered by you. Know the administrators of a web address and make contact using the given telephone numbers and postal address.

Apart from these prominent ones, you can find multitudes of active tools like DNS Lookup, Compare Product, RFC Lookup, and others, that can help you in acquiring and analyzing different facts and data. Some other interesting tools which any webmaster would enjoy are: Page Speed Insight, Abuse Lookup, and Local IPv6 Generator.


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