Facebook to Promote News Articles than over Photos in the News Feed


In order to promote the inclusion of more links to high-quality news articles instead of meme photos that redirect users to other websites, Facebook has revealed earlier this week that it is making changes in the News Feed algorithm.

Facebook is without doubt one of the most popular social networking websites of the globe with more than a billion followers. In order to retain its huge base of users, it has been making a few changes in its services in recent months.

Before making the changes regarding the News Feed, the popular social networking website conducted a research among its users. These enhancements will allow users to have more access to articles and content that is related to current affairs, politics, sports, etc.

The changes will soon be witnessed by Facebook users, especially on mobile, as the company intends to bring more interesting content for users on the go. As compared to the current trends of Facebook News Feed, the changes will definitely make users’ experience much better as they will get to know better about their friends and what is happening around the world.

Facebook engineering manager, Varun Kacholia and software engineer, Minwen Ji expressed in a company blog that people are more interested in news articles as compared to photos.


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