Survival Strategy Discussed by the CEO of BlackBerry


There’s no doubt that the smart phone giant, BlackBerry, is into a bad situation. The organization has been losing clients and cash for quite a while. Along with that, this third monetary quarter was in no way unique in relation to past quarters. Actually, the misfortunes were a touch steeper than Wall Street had anticipated.

The organization is even now draining clients, particularly in the high-end mechanism advertise. In sum, offers of its Blackberry cell phones were off around the range of 50 percent in the quarter. With something like, 75 percent of the aforementioned bargains for these lower-end Blackberry 7 units, it doesn’t prove to be useful for the company’s higher-end business utilizing the recently launched Blackberry 10 programming.

Anyhow John Chen, the organization’s recently designated CEO, says he has devised an arrangement. Also throughout the conference call on Friday to talk over the most recent income, he laid out what that arrangement involves, which to a great extent comprises of concentrating on zones of the business where Blackberry has dependably been solid, for example, enterprise security and informing, while minimizing hazard and exposure to parts of the business that have performed defectively, for example, smartphones.


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