Blackberry Drops the Plan of Introducing Two New Phones

Thorsten Heins, CEO of Research in Motion,  Frank Boulban, Chief Marketing Officer of Research in Motion

Poorer sales have led the struggling phone maker to cancel its BlackBerry Live 2014 conference set to take place in May, along with dropping the plans of introducing two new handsets. The two low-cost handsets named Café and Kopi were underdevelopment but were cancelled before release in order to save money.

The interim CEO John Chen has commented that its designers in North America were asked to move their focus on enterprise devices and to turn away from consumer phones for a short period of time. It was also revealed that BlackBerry is reported to currently working on two hig-end smartphones codenamed Ontario and Win.

However, a reported recent deal with Taiwan based manufacturing giant Foxconn will allow the company to release atleast one low-cost handset in the coming future. The new BB10 phone will hit the Indonesian market in either March or April.

The financial figures for BlackBerry, posted in the Q3, reveals a huge loss amounting to $4.4 Billion, as only over a million sales were recorded for the blackberry 10 smartphones as compared to the blackberry 7 devices whose sale surpassed a figure of 3.4 million, in the period of three months.


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