Battlefield 4 Banned in China


The fourth installment of Electronic Art’s Battlefield series, Battlefield 4, has been officially banned in China by the government due to the national security.

EA was also accused of cultural invasion by the Chinese ministry of culture, and according to a report by PCgames.com, all related materials of Battlefield 4 including patches, downloads, demo and news reports, are prohibited in China on the grounds of endangered national security and cultural aggression.

It appears the entire discussion encompassing the social animosity and national security is due to the China Rising DLC. The DLC, set in 2020, depicts China in the middle of an internal war, set in motion by Admiral Chang who wants to oust the current government. Russia is demonstrated as supporting Chang’s reason. Russia’s backing triggers war between China and the US. The United States is depicted as battling against the stratagem and Chinese liberation army.

The boycott affirms previous forecast about the goals of Electronic Art games in China. According to a state-run daily paper, battlefield 4 ‘smears China’s picture’ and was another type of ‘social attack’.

Released in October, Battlefield 4 is accessible in north America, Europe, Jana, Australia and New Zealand but was not officially launched in China.


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