Panasonic and Sony Dissolve Their OLED Partnership


Sony and Panasonic have decided to dissolve the partnership aimed at bulk-producing OLEDs for large televisions and display panels which they started 18 months back. Wall Street Journal reported the news about the dissolution of the partnership, which was later confirmed by the company spokesperson.

The partnership was formed in June 2012, touting their objective of lessening cost of production and conceivably making the ultrathin OLED (organic light omitting diode) boards more moderate to sellers who are looking to carry the engineering and technology to future televisions and display panels. The partnership was doing quite well and aiming to mass production of these OLEDs, by the time that the partnership arrangement was dissolved

Anyway the Japanese organizations have clearly run into unfavorable innovative hurdles on OLED boards and are rather centering their exertions on ordinary LCD screens for supposed 4K ultra high-definition Televisions.

Their South Korean contenders, LG and Samsung, are heading the OLED business sector, despite the fact that Sony was the original pioneer. LG and Samsung have been struggling to sell these highly expensive devices because their 55-inch OLED television starts with a price tag of $10000 and goes high.

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