Facebook Sued by Two Individuals in California

Facebook sued2

Two Facebook users have filed a complaint against the social networking website in a US federal court in San Jose, California, for sharing their information with marketers and advertisers. As per the suit filed against Mark Zuckerberg’s company, Facebook has been systematically intercepting the private messages of users.

By following the web activity of the message sender, the complaint states, Facebook compiles a data that helps the advertisers to know about their target audience.

Facebook, which is arguably the most popular social networking website of the world, claims to offer top of the line security to its users but as per the suit, this activity is against Electric Communications Privacy Act and also violates the California privacy and unfair competition laws.

With the passage of time, the internet population is getting more and more aware about their rights, which is the reason why there has been an evident increase in the number of cases filed against different websites in recent times.

A spokeswoman of Facebook, Jackie Rooney, feels that the lawsuit filed against the company is not based on merit and made it clear that the website intends to face the court and will present its side of the picture.

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