Whatsapp Leaving Behind its Competitors by a Huge Difference


Whatsapp, a messaging app for smartphones, is leaving behind its competitors by a huge difference, having more than 400 million active users. This list includes all those users who log into the app at least once a month.

About four months back, the company announced that it has approximately 300 million users and in a space of a few months, it has attracted 100 million more users, which proves that Whatsapp is gaining popularity at a rapid pace.

The app can be downloaded without any cost at different app stores and offers its users unlimited free text and voice messages. On top of that, users can share as many videos and pictures as they want.

WeChat and Line are the closest competitors of Whatsapp, having 297 and 186 million users respectively. The rest of the messaging apps are way behind, so much so that Snapchat, a very popular application merely possesses 30 million active users; whereas, Facebook messenger merely has 53 million users.

These reports have been collected by Business Insider, which further claims that 41 percent of Android users have Whatsapp; whereas, the second on the list is Kakao Talk, which is used by 23 percent of Android users.

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