Sony Eying Windows OS to be added in its Mobile Lineup


Sony has been devoted to only one platform, and that is Google Android. In any case, the organization could be gazing to extension out, and has confirmed to Techradar that it is currently in discussion with Microsoft about adopting its Windows Phone OS.

Pierre Perron, head of Sony Mobile Europe, clarified that they are proceeding their dialogues with different accomplices, including Microsoft, as a partner of their company. One thing is utilizing the platform [windows Phone] itself, and an alternate is ‘Coming up with something better’.

Unlike Google’s free open-source Android OS, Microsoft obliges a licensing fee for the utilization of Windows Phone. There’s likewise considerably less chance to tinker with and adjust the OS outside of preinstalled applications. In the meantime, Perron understands a more assorted platform lineup could be a keen business move for Sony.

So while Google is not difficult to work with, Perron acknowledges that the business sector is packed as lots of manufacturers are building android phones. He didn’t affirm if any Windows Phone devices are in the pipeline, and said that the organization’s discussion with Microsoft is still provisional.

Still, Perron included, “We would prefer not to be a solitary OS producer, I don’t think it’s a practical position in the long term”.


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