Sony Decided not to Develop Google Music app for PS4


The biggest problem with Google Apps for PS4 is the fact that Sony and Google are market rivals, not so prominent console-wise (obviously), but with services like Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited, competition is fierce. The best examples are apps which are already on Google Play, all have 1 of 5 rating with most reviews stating it simply ”doesn’t work”. Google Music can’t be played even through PS4 browser, although there is a method to bypass this by using the Plex service. There are even more reasons not to develop Google Music app since the latest VidZone app came out. The app supports free music streaming which is new for US market, as Europe already has its own free music streaming.

The official PlayStation®App on Google Play is a different pair of shoes; this thing is actually great for PS owners. After logging in to PSN, it allows accessing PlayStation Store, downloading games on console, so you can instantly start playing on your PS4 when you get back home. Few other cool features are being able to see when your friends get online and what they are playing, chat-support and notifications. Whilst this app doesn’t solve all the PS4 and Google Apps problems, being able to deliver PS news and other useful info, it is definitely a must-have for every Android owner.

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