Google Removes Two Extensions from Chrome


Having received complaints regarding the software showing unwanted ads, Google has removed two extensions from Chrome, which is one of the most popular webs browsers of the world.

The web giant had updated two extensions, Tweet this Page and Add to Feedly, in its effort to add new software, which could serve ads in a different way; however, the two ads annoyed a lot of Chrome users.

Before removing the ads, Google was contacted by the Wall Street Journal and this type of adware was also against Google’s policies.

The original developer of Add to Feedly, Amit Agarwal, revealed in a blog recently that he had sold the software to a third party and did not know what they were doing with it.

It needs to be mentioned that Google has already announced that it will make changes to its Chrome Web Store policies in the coming months and the purpose of those amendments will be to limit extensions.

Online advertisement has become extremely popular in recent years but a bombardment of unwanted ads can be irritating for internet users. Some browser extensions inject ads that purport to be one thing but do another. Good news for Chrome users is that all such ads will be removed by Google by June this year.


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