Google Introduces New Search Window for Quick and Efficient Search Results


Google has introduced a new search window that allows users to speed up internet searches, click on website links with more confidence and prevent nasty surprises while a page loads.

While Google is already one of the most popular search engines of the globe, providing exceptional search results to internet users about almost any topic, the latest pop-up window will provide additional information to users.

This new feature is a part of Google’s Knowledge Graph, a system that is gradually improving and learning about how individual links are joined together. Apart from learning almost everything about the world, the Knowledge Graph prevents unnecessary information to be displayed.

One of the most attractive features of the new search window is that it will show results from only those websites that are credible and provide adequate information about a topic. If the content is not useful, it will not be presented in the search results.

The web giant claims that the Knowledge Graph will continue to become more comprehensive and in-depth as more and more users start to avail this feature.

The latest search window will be extremely handy for people who are looking for quick and efficient search results, without having to click on ‘spool’ websites.


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