Thalmic’s Myo Armband and Oculus Rift: A Made for Each Other Combo


The invention of Oculus Rift takes us one step closer to a totally immersive gaming experience. Especially if integrated with the unique gesture control armband “Myo” developed by Thalmic labs. The virtual reality headset has been specifically designed for 3D gaming to track your head movements and even your movements back and forth.

Keeping in view the spectacular revolution both devices could make, Spark Capital invested in both of the companies. Where the company speculates the two devices to team-up as one, Myo founder confirms the collaboration in order to achieve greater developments together.

What was a mere imagine could turn into reality soon. A video game that delivers ultimate-realism, or at least a closer to reality experience is no doubt a gamer’s dream come true. Imagine spying on a target in an ultimate role-play gaming mode, where you can control every movement you make. Myo + Rift teamwork can make that possible.

A challenge in both the devices’ path towards the teamwork would be developing a gaming perception in the minds of its consumers. Myo was not primarily designed for gaming, rather control smart electronics.

With many speculations and questions unanswered; only time will tell what possibilities await for the tech-team in future.


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