The Flappy Bird Will Never Flap Again


In an exclusive interview with Forbes, Dong Nguyen finally unzipped his lips about the removal of his famous app – the Flappy Bird that was released in 2013 –captivating the world of smartphone since then. But now the mysterious decision to pull out the game is taken by a storm; Dong is receiving allegedly  life threats since this announcement. Moreover, reportedly, he was getting legal threats from Nintendo (the developer of famous Super Mario Bros), as the game had a clear similarity with Super Mario Bros.

Dong says it was the “excessive addictiveness” that forced him to take such a decision. However, it is difficult to believe it is only the addictiveness that has compelled him to do so – thus declining the daily take of $50,000. He has also refused to comment on any of the legal issues.

Even the relics of Flappy Bird are getting the highest bids ever recorded. And the crazy fans are getting ahead to purchase the smartphones which have the game, preloaded. Also, old phones with the game are being sold at higher prices at eBay!

Nevertheless, Dong is happy for the global acknowledgement he has gained from his famous game and is determined to develop more such apps in the future. He won’t hesitate, however, to remove any apps which become as addictive as the Flappy Bird.


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