LaCie Cristofle Sphere – The External Hard Drive


LaCie has joined hands with Cristofle in crafting the super tech LaCie Cristofle Sphere. Inspired from a globe, it has a round shape but a flat hard base. The shinny exterior is handmade, which has been created by Cristofle in Normandy, France.

Despite its steel enclosure, the drive is lighter than expected. The bus-powered technology has made its use quite comfortable – it requires no separate power cable. The flat plastic base has only one port, which can support both USB 3.0 and 2.0. Moreover, a blue LED used in it shows the drive’s status. It supports Windows XP and Mac OS, and has other built-in software programs, such as Genie Backup and LaCie Desktop Manager. The sleek surface though can act as a mirror; you may muddle it up with your fingerprints.

So, it’s just perfect with its retro style and portability, but has limited availability due to its sky high price tag.

Perhaps, the LaCie Cristofle Sphere isn’t the gadget you’re looking for, owing to its price, i.e. $499 for just 1TB capacity; but it definitely has an edge over other devices because of its looks and  specifications.



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