Long Awaited: Apple’s iWatch


Though the company is yet to disclose any details, Apple is rumored to be working on its wearable wrist iWatch and has reportedly hired experts to improve the functionality of its smart watch. The smart watch is speculated to have a wireless battery system, which would work on kinetic or solar energy in its forthcoming generations. Moreover, it will track down the heart and body movements, and would work as a smart health adviser.

It will have Apple’s iOS 8 software, 1.5-inch curved screen as well as Bluetooth connectivity. The watch will also be functional for distant controlling of videos or music on tablets and iPhones. Reportedly, it’s the Siri voice feature that would enable users to dictate their messages on its tiny screen. Analysts are estimating at least $300 to be its price tag for these specifications.

Some tech companies have already introduced their wearable smart devices, but Apple has willingly delayed its project, owing to its quality consciousness. It’s a good reply to those thinking that Apple is no longer innovative.

Though Samsung and Casio have beaten Apple in smart watch market for the time being by introducing Android Galaxy Gear and G Shock respectively, people are still anxious about Apple’s new product expected to release this year.




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