Google to Introduce its Smartwatch during the I/O Conference in June – Reports


According to reports, Google, in collaboration with LG, is expected to launch a smartwatch during the Google I/O conference in June this year. The details of this latest technology are likely to be revealed in March through a blog post.

Experts believe that Google will adopt a Nexus-like approach with its smartwatch as well, controlling all aspects of the launch and software; whereas, LG will take care of the hardware details being the manufacturing partner.

This is not the first collaboration between the two technology giants as Google and LG also worked together in the development of Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 smartphones, which earned a lot of appreciation in various parts of the world.

Several companies have shown great interest in the smartwatch development in recent times; however, the number of sales has not lived up to the expectations as yet. Potential buyers are not too happy with the existing smartwatch technology in the market, complaining that it is either too heavy or they do not offer too many options.

With one of the leading technology brands like Google showing interest in this area and looking to address the concerns of wearable technology users, the future appears to be very bright. As per the reports of Juniper Research, the market value of wearable technology will be around $19 billion by 2018.

Samsung is a major name in the wearable technology, having introduced Galaxy Gear last year. It has followed it up with Gear 2 and Gear Neo that have been recently revealed. The Samsung Galaxy Gear ran on Google’s Android operating system but the recently launched devices will run on Tizen, which has been largely developed by Samsung itself.

Google Now Voice Assistant and Search Features, which control many crucial functions of Google Glass headwear, will be used in the smartwatch technology too. Google Glass is another form of wearable technology that has gained the attention of technology lovers in recent times.

Another renowned name in the world of technology, Sony has also been in the field of wearable technology for long but has so far failed to make a huge impression; whereas, some niche players like Pebble and others achieved limited success.

There are many big names that have expressed their intentions of joining the bandwagon; Apple and HTC being two of the biggest names, that will probably introduce smartwatches by the end of 2014. It remains to be seen whether they can replicate their success in the smartphone industry in this challenging category.

Over the years, Google has proved again and again that it is much more than just a ‘search’ company, having introduced some of the most fascinating technologies. The Google smartwatch will become a part of the company’s huge portfolio that already includes amazing technologies such as Google Glass, Nexus phones and a range of smartphone devices that have given a very tough time to the likes of Apple, Samsung and Nokia in various regions.

Just like iPhone turned out to be the much-needed breakthrough in the smartphone industry, some analysts are of the opinion that Google smartwatch might do the same in this class.


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