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Drivers are now permitted using map apps, behind their wheels in California. The case of Steven Spriggs, who was charged $165 for using the map app on his iPhone 4 in California, triggered a debate and now a new law has opened avenues for the smartphone map apps in the state. So feel free and move with your own travel guide, without any further fear of ticketing; 5th District Court of Appeal has declared map reading while navigating the streets, “legal”.

Traffic laws are now improved and elaborated –texting and talking on phones prohibited; however  map reading for tourists and drivers is allowed. Now using map apps on unfamiliar roads is not a violation of traffic decorum. Hence, you can “legally” get assistance from your handheld guide.

Since this ruling of a California court on traffic etiquettes and mobile laws, groups in other states are also rallying to withdraw such unreasonable restrictions.

This is a good move and is being widely appreciated; Spriggs is also hoping for better legislation in other states.

Mobile map reading behind the wheels –will definitely have a positive impact on the growth of map app economy; after all Google is all set to launch its user-friendly map app with improved interface.

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