Java 8 Likely to Be a Huge Success around the World


Java development has played an important role in enhancing the pace of computer revolution over the years and it will take another massive step forward with the release of Java 8, which is likely to occur on March 18, 2014. It is already receiving a very positive feedback from Java developers all around the world.

As per a survey conducted by Typesafe, a neutral vendor which took opinion of 2,870 people from all across the globe, 67 percent of the respondents are keen to upgrade to Java 8, which is a massive number in my opinion.

In the recent times, there have been a few question marks on the level of security offered by Java, but I think Oracle has done a good job to ensure Java 8’s efficiency and protection.

One of the most awaited features in Java 8 is lambda expressions. This feature is deemed to be the biggest functionality change since Generics were introduced in Java SE 5.

According to survey, one-sixth of the participants are uncertain to use Java 8 Runtime Environment, which means that they want to run Java code of previous versions on Java Virtual Machine (JVM) but are not prepared to make new codes with Java 8.

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