Shawn Layden Replaces Jack Tretton as the Head of Sony Computer Entertainment America


Shawn Layden has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of Sony Computer Entertainment America, replacing Jack Tretton, who served the company in the US for almost two decades. The change of leadership will be effective from the start of next month; however, Sony’s spokesman in the US, Dan Race refused to comment on Tretton’s parting of ways with the company.

While Tretton played a crucial role in PlayStation’s success in the US, enhancing sales of packaged games and consoles in retail stores, Layden will face the challenge of taking PlayStation to a new level, where it could also offer movies, TV and games through the Internet.

As per the initiatives of Kazuo Hirai, the CEO of the company, Sony will begin consumer testing of new services in a few months and that should really test Layden’s leadership skills.

At the present moment, Sony is enjoying great success of PlayStation 4 game console in the US market and claims that it has left behind the rivals, including Xbox One of Microsoft. Sony had aimed at selling five million systems by the end of March, 2014 but the Tokyo-based company reveals that more than six million machines have already been sold around the world.


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