Apple Improves Efficiency of its Devices through iOS 7 Update


Apple brought about first major change to its smartphone and tablet operating system since the launch of iOS 7 last September by releasing iOS 7.1 earlier this week for iPhone, iPad, iPod and iPod Touch.

The update has enhanced the efficiency of Apple devices, which have been under the scanner in recent months due to the problems witnessed in iOS 7, including a major bug that would conduct a soft reset of devices while they were in use. You could easily lose important data due to that bug which was slowly becoming a huge issue for Apple users but it has now been solved.

Apple has also introduced several new features in iOS 7.1, including a much improved Siri as you can now manually control what the application listens. While you are speaking, you can press and hold the home button and let it go when you are done. For English, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese, Siri offers various new male and female voices.

Previously you could only purchase albums through iTunes on a PC but the recent updates will let you buy music from the Now Playing screen and also by subscribing to iTunes Match directly from the mobile device.

Accessibility tools and Calendar has also been improved.

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