Facebook Aims at Expanding Internet Access in the World through Solar-Powered Drones


In order to expand and ameliorate Internet access around the globe, social media giant, Facebook is making serious attempts of using solar-powered drones.

To pursue this goal, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has initiated a Connectivity Lab, which possesses specialists from NASA and is looking to develop aerospace and communication technologies. The Facebook founder mentioned the Connectivity Lab and its desired operations on his personal Facebook page.

At the present moment, there is a massive digital divide in the world, with almost two-third of the world population deprived of Internet access.

Facebook launched Internet.org last year in collaboration with a few tech companies like Nokia and Samsung. Connectivity Lab is an extension of Internet.org.

Considering the fact that progressing in the current world is almost impossible without Internet access, Internet.org aims at bridging the gap between the ‘Internet haves’ and ‘Internet have nots’. If they are able to achieve this goal, I am sure this would bring about another wave of technology revolution in the world.

The Menlo Park based company has not revealed a lot of details about the venture and did not even hint about the completion time. However, I will keep you folks updated as soon as I get any inside report about the project.

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