Typo Prohibited by Court to sell its $99 iPhone Case


Having proven in a San Francisco court that Typo is violating the rules, popular mobile phone manufacturer, BlackBerry has been able to stop Ryan Seacrest’s company from selling its $99 iPhone case.

Over the years, iPhone has become increasingly popular around the globe; however, there is no dearth of people who either prefer BlackBerry or have two different phones as they want a physical keyboard which iPhone does not offer.

In such a scenario, Typo came up with a smartphone case that allows you to use a physical keyboard on your iPhone.

Unlike iPhone or some other smartphones, BlackBerry competes in a market of physical keyboards, which have become the company’s trademark around the world. The judge wrote in his order that Typo’s keyboard has too many similarities with BlackBerry and as result he has prohibited the organization to sale its iPhone case.

Typo requested the judge not to put a ban on its sales as it could possibly end its business; however, its appeal was rejected by the court.

The Los Angeles based company has expressed its disappointment over losing the case and has revealed through an email statement that it will lodge an appeal against the verdict.

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  1. Taylor says:

    Now that the Apple Watch is out it will be interesting to see how Android based smart watches respond.

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