Star Mobile Brand – S8 & S9 Android Models | Preview

Starmobile brand is comparatively a new mobile tech developer offering cost effective high quality solutions for mid user segment. The company was started to give the users the best in the segment of mobile innovations. The Star brand incorporates the fans and active users of the brand devices to use their experience in the advancement and improvement of the gadgets and technologies for excellent communication and data transferring experience. The company engages best mobile tech and innovations experts to provide users the best possible mobile experience. The Star Mobile devices were created considering the basic needs and demands of users from clear visual and hearing experience to flawless multitasking of the most power demanding apps and options. The core company guideline is the enhancement and improvement of the experience with the phone.

All the devices by the Star brand are run with the recent versions of Android mobile OS. The latest gadgets launched get Jelly Bean modification OS. All of the most popular gadgets from mobile brand are presented at Flosmall store being one of the first authorized online mobile shops making the hottest mobile offers available for users globally. The killer option available for every customer worldwide – free shipping globally.

Star S8 Android SmartphoneOne of the hottest Star mobile phones to consider when choosing a new smart device is Star S8 – Panda.
This device greats you with a big super clear HD display of 6.0’ and featuring OGS technology. The screen of the device features 720*1280 resolution. A high end 4-core ARMv 7 processor gives power to this device with each core running at frequency of 1.5GHz. The processor is coupled with 1Gb RAM providing enough might to process the most demanding apps and options. For stunning graphic realization the device has got a PowerVR SGX GPU enhancing your entertainment experience. The device is only 7.9mm thin so it feels rather comfortable and solid in the hand. Still due to rather big dimensions some users may experience troubles with one hand navigation. Though the device is made of plastic still it feels rather high quality. Due to its size the device turns to be a mid gadget. It is not already a phone by its dimensions but yet is not a tablet.
The Star S8 in Panda design features two cameras for astounding photo shooting experience. Front camera is 5MP meanwhile the back one is 13MP supporting HD (1080P) video shooting. Blue light filtering options improves the quality of every picture taken. The automatic settings enable even an amateur user to make high quality snapshots with a single touch. A 2.2F aperture makes a complete difference in your experience with mobile camera.
Unfortunately the smartphone gets a poor battery of 2000mAh which is unable to provide a long battery life in the mode of hard driving. Gesture control will take your experience with a smart mobile gadget to a whole new level. Panda design features a glowing white back panel made of durable plastic with extra black display on the front.

However Flosmall is proud to offer you another device by the brand being Star S9 being the first 8-core smart gadget from the company. The device gets the latest processor with 8 powerful cores tickling each at frequency of 1.7GHz combined with 2Gb RAM the device turns into a monster gadget with a 5.0’ FHD screen of 1920*1080 resolution for vivid and clear viewing experience. Besides a smaller size of the device makes one hand control and phone navigation simpler and easier. 32Gb memory storage enables a user to keep favorite music, movies, games and personal data on the device.

Another feature of the Star S9 that’s worth an attention is high pixel cameras. The rear camera is a 13MP camera and features filters and stabilizing options of extremely high quality of every picture taken in any mode and has a mode of low light. The front 5.0MP camera is designed for ultimate video call experience and amazing casual selfies. As its predecessor, the S9 phone features a rather weak battery with the capacity of 2000mAh only.

By choosing phones from Star brand you choose high quality, latest innovations and brand new mobile experience at reasonable price. Flosmall online mobile gadget store is your easiest way to get a Chinese brand mobile phone in any country globally.

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