Speculations High Over iWork For iPhone: Screenshots Revealed

Apple iPhone iWork SuiteThe buzz regarding the availability of iWork to the iPhone occured while Apple, in one of its support documents for the iPhone, revealed a screenshot showing a menu that says “open in Keynote.” Though they replaced the image very soon but the rumor continued spreading. Recently we found a few screenshots of iWork, but they seem somewhat less than realistic.

But yesterday there were another set of pictures by Apple’s international website during the promotion of AppleCare, one of the causes revealed as a advantage for the users is its software support when they are using the application iWork for iPhone and other Apple-branded iPhone apps. You can see the detailed screenshots of Pages and Numbers for iPhone. It is unknown if the screenshots came from a legitimate iWork for iPhone applications or they are ported from the iWork for iPad applications. No matter the case, everything indicates that iWork for iPhone is approaching soon.  Complete with 12 screenshots of various parts of the interface. Mostly it’s just a compressed version of Pages which includes the same wood-like toolbar, similar document navigation and menus, similar basic interacting features. But at the sane time it has several new things, like wireless syncing of documents across iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.

Users can join up the fantastic screen (including Bluetooth keyboard facility) with a full-featured function like Pages, and the iPhone is a practical productivity device providing that you can resist playing the addictive Doodle Jump.


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