Laptop, Netbook Or Smartphone Which One Will Be Best For A Corporate Professional?

laptop netbook smartphoneThe concept of personal computing is changing very fast. If you look from the sales figures perspective, laptops have long beat desktops as the leading form of computer. The rising demand in netbook sales in recent times clearly shows that users are more prone towards portability and price rather than the performance and durability of the gadget. More importantly, smartphones have emerged as fully functional computers with a wide range of applications and services that are rapidly capturing customers’ time and their money. While the prices of laptops are falling, premium netbooks going up in cost, and no-contract smartphones are commanding $400 or even more, the price differences are not necessarily that great.

Before you make your final purchasing decision, consider have a look at this guide and think about the pros and of the various devices

Getting Work Done

For the business purpose there are few features that every professional needs to get his job done. The needs big Word documents, large and complex Excel spreadsheets, multimedia presentations, and also the custom software and databases.

Laptop: If you opt for a full-fledged laptop this will be probably the best option for doing corporate work. It has got higher-resolution screen to fit big spreadsheets easily and higher-power CPUs together with more RAM for smoother multitasking. The negative side is the expense and the weight of the device.

Netbook: It offers portability and cheaper cost.  Though netbooks cramped keyboards and screens, Moreover their limited CPU power and RAM, make it difficult to work on big projects. Netbooks are just fine them who just need access e-mail, find directions, or read news on the go.

Smartphone: A good smartphone is nearly indispensible for serious corporate workers. It allows to access to the contacts and calendar in a device that’s always with you is a huge benefit. But you ca not expect any serious job done with this device as the Phone apps don’t handle major business projects at all. Moreover the miniature keyboards are perfect for typing one or two sentences at a time.

What to buy: If you’re a business user who needs to work on the move, then you should go for a real laptop. A smartphone lets you access your business contacts, calendar, and e-mail, but it’s of no use when you want to update your presentation or attach a few cells in a massive, multipage spreadsheet. The most preferred combination for a business user is a solid business-class laptop and an IT-friendly smart phone device.


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