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First look of Nokia C6 Cell Phone

When the demand of entire world is of Smartphones, why would Nokia stay behind? Nokia said that they will be bringing forward budget Smartphones for phone geeks. These upcoming touchscreen cell phones with QWERTY keyboard will strike a heavy blow to the market of high end phone manufactures. In case you remember that Nokias’ 5800 XpressMusic phone was a super hit all across the globe, the new cell phone by the same Company will rock. You can get a hint of what Nokia would do by looking at the Nokia C6 phone.

This cell phone will be equipped with basic essentials of a Smart phone and will bear a moderate price tag. Where Nokia C5’s cost would be around 135 Euros, the C6 model will fetch a bit more amount. So, as mentioned before, this model will obviously have a touchscreen and the sliding QWERTY Keyboard. As per the information, C6 will equip 256 MB memory (L that’s too less). You can use the microSD slot to increase its memory. The C6 model is expected to run on Symbian ^ 1. It can be called the mini version of Nokia N97. It is rumored that this phone will appear in the markets this summer.

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