How To: Get Your Website Listed

Here are some of the tips to get your site liste:

  • All directories principle is constantly in search of websites that can serve as a valuable addition to their database. It seems obvious that only the sites that look attractive and professional will be added. So make sure that your site is well designed and very useful to the visitors.
  • Most directory publishers (publishers are the sites that review submitted for possible inclusion in your web directory) use the heading tags for heading a site. Sites with title tags that do not match its content or subject are usually rejected. So add title tags that are relevant to your site. The title tag should describe your site in the best possible way.
  • Sites with broken links and who have image loading problems are signs of new site which is under construction and are rejected at first sight. . To eliminate this problem, be sure to check your site broken links. Check all the images and test your site in different browsers to ensure proper working of your website.
  • Provide contact information in the website. Contact information should include name, address, zip code, telephone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses. One more important fact is that contact information must match the WHOIS information of the site. Sites that do not have contact information are generally rejected by all the main directories.
  • Some other details that should have included in the site are Copyright information, Privacy, Responsibility, return policy (for reference sites), warranty, shipping information, etc. All this information should be easily accessible and should have links to home page
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