Nintendo 3DS Gaming Console Attracts Huge Sales Worldwide

Nintendo 3DS Official Launch Date Worldwide is on March 27. However in many countries sales have already started in different shops and people have thronged to the shops pre-ordering the gaming console to get a first look of it.

Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue and Black Consoles saw a whopping 250,000 units being sold within 12 hours of its shipment in UK. Pre-order sales alone have hit a new record of 140,000 units. Nintendo 3DS retails at around 200 Euros and the Japanese company feels that this device is set to complete a sales figure of 4 million worldwide by the end of this month of March. Nintendo 3DS is all set to redefine gaming and has already become the fastest selling gaming console in the history of Game Console Sales.

Nintendo 3DS Gaming

Unfortunately, Nintendo 3DS has got its own limitations. All 3DS Games are region locked and being a portable gaming console, this doesn’t sound good for the gamers. The battery life has reduced to half of what Nintendo DS was able to give. Drawbacks apart, this Nintendo 3DS Console is sure to attract a new era of gamers.

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