Nokia Will Bring Advanced Symbian^3 Updates For Future Smartphones

symbian updateThe Nokia vice president Purnima Kochikar recently publicized an open letter to developers, that reveals Nokia’s future plans regarding their Symbian^3 platform. It seems that the leading mobile maker are planning to carry on with releasing new smartphones that runs on Symbian^3 besides the regular updates for the OS itself.

Those new devices will bring 1GHz+ CPUs and quicker GPUs to Symbian^3. Kochikar also confirms that the company will fully utilize its proficiency in location-based services and imaging to make the latest Symbian^3 smartphones more attractive.

Naturally, it’s the UI that’s at present holding the Symbian lineup back, but Nokia is planning to take initiates about that too. There are a number of updates that should radically enhance user experience in near future. The first one is very important step that ensure offering a brand new home screen, along with innovative flexible widgets plus new icons, high speed web browser, new Navbar and a brand new look.

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4 Responses to "Nokia Will Bring Advanced Symbian^3 Updates For Future Smartphones"

  1. Symbian^3 doesn’t have a chance. iPhone and Android are the furure. Symbian is the past. might as well cash it in and start from scratch.

  2. Cybron says:

    Symbian is a good OS and has been THE OS for all this time. It has been the bulding block for the the current OS VIz Android. I am sure there is still lot in the OS and will be again prefered after the updates. Although the Apps and ecosystem needs lot work to be done..

    Nokia is the manufacture with quality handsets..

    I look forward for the symbian updates

  3. Sathiya says:

    U cant go for android just becoz for the OS, all handsets cannot even compete with Nokia h/w. To say frankly NOKIA has the best hardware, Once OS update comes i am sure Symbian gonna rockk!!!

  4. Terrence says:

    Symbian Os are the best in the world,Iphone and android might look flashing but the hard once are here to stay.they are the widely used OS and they will be, Nokia has to keepup with the pace and trend of todays world, and I belive they will

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