Browser Themes Create a Golden Opportunity for Brands

This is a Guest Post By The CEO Of Brand Thunder.

When you think of the most used application on a computer, what comes immediately to mind? While you might be tempted to name an email client or perhaps a multimedia program like iTunes, you’d be wrong. The most used program on any consumer’s computer is their Internet browser. Browsers are immensely important, serving as a portal to all that the World Wide Web has to offer. An Internet browser connects the user directly to all the content out there, from social networks like Facebook to Reddit to news sites and more.
However, the browser is also one of the most boring, drab pieces of software a consumer will use. These gray, utilitarian interfaces lack any form of personalization beyond a few simple menu customization options. Browser themes change all of that, though. All three major browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer) now support the use of themes.

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Making Sense of Browser Themes

Simply put, a theme transforms a browser from utilitarian to personalized with the click of a button. Themes replace gray frames and buttons with colorful options that evoke a personal, emotional response. Once, these were simple themes that offered little
more than the ability to change colors within the browser. As technology grew, the ability to create in-depth functionality within themes also grew. Today, custom browser themes can be almost anything a consumer wants, from a simple skin that replaces the
standard color scheme to an in-depth experience with interactive features.

Why Do Browsers Matter, Though?

Why do browsers matter? As mentioned, they’re the most frequently used piece of software on the average computer. While a surfer might only stay on a particular website for less than a minute, they’ll be using the browser for hours. Every website a consumer visits must be displayed within the context of the browser, whether they’re searching for news, catching up with friends on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter or shopping on Amazon.

This immense amount of time offers significant benefits for companies seeking a means to connect with consumers on an immediate, pervasive level.

A Golden Branding Opportunity

When you think about it, the most prominent element of a user’s online experience is their Internet browser. It’s an integral part of everything they do online, going far beyond the websites they visit. This makes that interface prime real estate for branding efforts –
Brand Thunder does exactly that.
Brand Thunder is able to create browser themes that not only provide advanced functionality for users, but also build a full experience. For instance, Brand Thunder created the Weather Browser Theme that changes with the user’s local weather
conditions, based on their zip code. It also offers a three-day forecast right in the browser. The Movie Premiere Theme is another example. It provides Fandango integration, as well as a clickable, changing movie poster that transports the user to
movie reviews and synopses when clicked.
Brand Thunder takes custom browser themes beyond the level of customized aesthetics and builds in value, usability and rich functionality. This enables branded themes to generate 20 – 30% conversion rates for the client, and has achieved significant results for companies like IGN and NASA.

About the Author:

Patrick M urphy is the founder and CEO of BrandThunder (BT). With its extreme makeovers for Internet browsers, BT creates persistent engagement between major brands and their online consumers. BrandThunder specializes in IE themes, Mozilla Firefox themes and soon Chrome themes.

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