International Cricket 2010 : Coming Soon !!!

International Cricket 2010 is now ready for Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 platforms by Codemasters. The game has new Action Cam feature which make the game look more live by placing in field actions and in-game dramas. The game is jointly developed by the Trickstar Games and Brain Lara games developers.  The game is expected to be launched in the months of later summer.

Cricket 2010 comprises of 16 nations which includes English, Australian and Welsh squads as well. Game allows the users to create their own team via team editor option and can play in about 21 different stadiums. There is also a multiplayer option which allows user to compete with other gamer’s world wide.


International Cricket 2010 Game

International Cricket 2010 Game


The Action Cam feature creates a live environment in which the player feels as he is hitting a 90+ Kmph delivery ball. Power stick adds a realistic batting experience for the game play. This feature offers a 360 degrees direction control and analogue power to the batsman for hitting the balls over the boundaries or for taking a quick single.
The price tag for the game is yet to be announced. There is also no specific month of release so we shall wait for this game to arrive soon.

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