TV Producers Lines Up To Launch Their 3D TV’s In The Months To Come:

Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic are lining up to bring three-dimensional (3D) television set’s into India. But, Sony, the leading consumer electronics producer will be the first to bring their own 3D TV’s in to the limelight on Tuesday. But, Samsung, the leading Korean consumer electronic producer is all set to release their 3D TV’s soon followed by Sony, LG, Haier and Panasonic within weeks or months to come.





LG will launch its 3D TV in the 2nd week of April and IPL’s third season will be used to advertise its 3D LED TVs only for the top 15 cities. Haier Appliances India will launch its 3D LED TV in June. Samsung Electronics high-definition 3D TV will be available in India only by the second quarter of the calendar.

3D TV has become the new catchphrase in the consumer electronics industry after the HDTV’s have become old technology. The Avatar – Hollywood Blockbuster and the Indian Premier League live matches being watched as 3D pictures in your living room gives you a completely different experience that u have not experienced ever before. Though the 3d TV lines up, it is of no use as 3D content are not yet available for the television viewers in India. Even the little content present in international market is only a meager amount in the country. Earlier, India got its first high-definition TV channel only this Friday when Discovery Communications unveiled Discovery HD.

M.D of Miditech, the production house that creates content for television channels and Nikhil Alva, “Television manufacturer’s finds new ways to sell more TVs to the same set of people with little improvement to their previous models. They can overflow the market with all new technology but we still have no genuine 3D content development in India,” Until contents for expensive 3D technology, it will be tough time for producers to get consumers attraction over LCD TVs that offers nothing extra as of now.

Though the 3D contents are not available, yet there are 3D disk which are available in the Internet for those who can afford to buy these future 3D TV’s.

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