The Targus Wireless Comfort Laser Mouse

A real living mouse cannot be restricted within a single place and so does our computer mouse(s) too, from now onwards. Earlier mouse(s) needed to be connected to the computer and which is restricted in length to cover small distances only. At times we get bogged down when the connecting wires get into the way when perform the mouse move options.
This Mouse will be user friendly and will soothe and reduce wrist strain and the soft and flexible side grips provide supreme comfort during use. The Targus Wireless Comfort Laser Mouse features a 1200 DPI laser sensor for smooth mouse movements. Wireless capability get rid of the unpleasant cables & small usability spaces by providing you with the freedom to work from anywhere with your computer. The use of RF 2.4GHZ technology significantly reduces cordless interference, delays and signal drops allowing the mouse to work up to 33 feet away, just like that of your cordless phones.
The mouse comes with a well supported high-quality Energizer batteries and is intended to provide 15 months of battery life based on the usage. The battery life indicators indicates you about the amount of power left to work with and gives you guidance of when the next set of batteries are required.
The main feature of ti to provide the user with ease to use by its sleek and comfy form, the Comfort Laser Mouse provides wireless expediency by storing the micro USB receiver inside the mouse so there will be no loss in connection and is always ready for use.
The Targus Wireless Comfort Laser Mouse will available in two colours, Black or Gray and weighs about 118 g and is available now in India with a cost of Rs. 1,775 only along with a warranty for 3 years.
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