Samsung Jet2 SmartPhones- A really Smart Phone for Its Multimedia Capability:

Samsung Electronics has launched its Jet series of Smart phones in India with the launch of Samsung Jet 2. The new Samsung Jet 2 features all the common features as that of the Samsung Jet and thus provides its users advanced features of a smart phone and easy-to-use UI of a conventional mobile phones.


Samsung Jet2

Samsung Jet2

Samsung Jet 2 features a 3.1” AMOLED WVGA display, 800MHz application processor, Google Push Email and allows media sharing technology with all DLNA certified devices. This phone is also integrated with an English dictionary and an advanced Media Browser, allowing its users to close several widgets at once through motion control. SNS widgets allows users to access social networking sites..

Samsung Jet 2 features a 5 mega-pixel camera, built-in GPS, DNSe & SRS Sound Effect technology for superior sound quality, and DivX & XviD video support for stress-free video downloading and viewing. This Samsung Jet 2 has been launched in India now and is priced at Rs. 19, 500 only.

Samsung’s Dolphin Internet browser is intended for the users to browse the internet and also provides access to popular websites, of the kind social networking sites, with ease and speed. This browser provides a completely new mobile internet experience by allowing users to view up to five web pages concurrently and bookmark their favorite websites as widgets on the phone’s homepage. It also has a built in ad-blocker, allows multiple background downloading and thus provides multi-tasking and multi-purpose address field, and also the Dolfin’s unique one finger zoom lets the users to zoom in and out of web page just by one hand. It gives the consumers the usability, portability and convenience with the ‘one finger zoom,’ for one hand operation to zoom in and out. One finger zoom is not only used for the Internet browser, but also for Photo browser,  file viewer to view TXT, PDF and PPT files in four times bigger size with just one finger tip.

Samsung Jet 2’s multiple applications run both impeccably and concurrently with the help of its powerful application processor thus allowing its users to maximize and minimize the tasks whenever needed. Its 3D media gate UI and motion-response UI, the mobile provide a dynamic, content-based experience. The 3D media gate provides a six key multimedia features, such as Video player, FM Radio, Games, Photo album, Music player and internet, all just by rolling a six sided cube UI on the screen. Samsung’s latest TouchWiz 2.0 user interface comprises of new features like motion UI, smart unlock and customizable widget screen.

The Mobile & IT, Samsung Electronics, Director Ranjeet Yadav said, “Today’s handset users look for smart features and easy-to–use UI in their mobiles. Samsung Jet 2 is the one which they are looking for, as it satisfies both the needs and thus gives the user a better-quality and differentiated experience.”

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