Norway Terrorist Used World Of Warcraft As A Training Simulator

Anders Behring Breivik World Of Warcraft Anders Behring Breivik who responsible for the killing of seven people and shooting another 86 in a terrorist activity that happened in Oslo youth camp confessed that he used to play games World of Warcraft and Modern Warfare 2 for the training purpose and World of Warcraft is the main reason that stimulates this abnormal behavior into him.

This confession is a part of his manifesto titled “2083: A European Declaration of Independence”.

He wrote that, “I just bought Modern Warfare 2, the game. It is probably the best military simulator out there and it’s one of the hottest games this year. I see MW2 more as a part of my training-simulation than anything else,”… “Once you decide to strike, it is better to kill too many than not enough, or you risk reducing the desired ideological impact of the strike,”

Anders Behring Breivik also recommended future terrorists to play Modern Warfare 2 and World of Warcraft in order to enhance their skills that will definitely help them in the achievement of their goals.

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2 Responses to "Norway Terrorist Used World Of Warcraft As A Training Simulator"

  1. Matt says:

    I hope this post doesn’t create the idea that World of Warcraft players in our generality are as twisted as this man. We have a strong, thriving community of players with hearts, and no-one should allow one person to break that idea.

    Such an example can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7J0_phCd9xg

    My heart and the hearts of many other World of Warcraft players go out to those who we’re harmed and lost during the Norway Bombings. And hope that their families find solace in this terrible ordeal.

    (Any questions and/or comments should be sent to [email protected] – As I don’t often use this website and am unlikely to check it)

  2. Informed says:

    This makes absolutely no sense.

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