Diablo 3 Beta Update, Release Date Coming Soon

Diablo 3 Beta Release DateBlizzard Entertainment released a beta update for Diablo 3 this weekend, suggesting that the final release date of the full fledged system is nearing. The last Diablo game was released on the year 2000, building up a huge user base till date. This makes the current update the most anticipated game title of the year. Blizzard Entertainment has a different focus on World of Warcraft but the game play on Diablo makes it unique and addictive. The company earlier gave an official statement regarding the target dates for the release, hinting it to be on the third quarter, between July and September. Now that the Beta version is released, its expected that the Official Release will happen some time soon, mostly to be around the fourth quarter. Reports also suggest its most likely to be released on January 2012.

However reports in reliable websites suggested that, a localized version for Brazil will come out in a month. Of course, the company made a press release saying that they are not willing to compromise on quality for hitting the release timeline.

Diablo 3 is all about customization. There are no skill points or talent trees, which is a considerable turnaround in the update. More about the game play will be updated soon!

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