20th Anniversary Of World’s First Ever “WWW”

Twenty years ago on the same day [at August 6, 1991] the first ever website was published when 36-year-old physicist Tim Berners-Lee was working at a CERN facility in the Swiss Alps. Though at that time it was a pretty basic one — according to CERN. This report has been published by Wired.com.

The address of the world’s first-ever web site was Info.cern.ch which was running on a NeXT computer at CERN. The first web page address was http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html, which combined on information regarding the WWW project. Visitors were able to learn more about hypertext, technical details so as to create their own webpage, and even details on how to explore the Web for information. Currently no screenshots of this original page is available and, in any case, changes were made every day to the information presented on the page as the WWW project developed. If you are eager to get more details on this then you may find a later copy(1992) on the World Wide Web Consortium website.

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