Parallels Desktop 7.0 Introduces Several Advanced Features

Parallels announces the release of Parallels Desktop 7.0, its latest virtualization solution for OS X. The new version brings numerous features created to make the product run better under Lion.

Maybe the most significant of these new features is the facility to build virtual machines that run the client version of Lion itself, due to a change in the end-user license agreement of the desktop operating systems most recent release.

Therefore users can now run Lion inside Lion, which apart from being exquisitely meta should be great news to everyone who wants to run multiple configurations simultaneously, like developers, systems administrator, as well as journalists and reviewers.

Lion compatibility has also advancing further to the front-end of Parallels. For example, the advancement enables users to run a Windows instance in the operating systems new full-screen mode, which allows the guest operating system to successfully take over the entire screen.

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