Broadcom Buys NetLogic Microsystems For $3.7 Billion

Broadcom,NetLogic Microsystems, communication  Most of you may not be familiar with NetLogic Microsystems. But soon it will become very famous and popular. Scott McGregor CEO of Broadcom said that company Acquires NetLogic Microsystems for $3.7 Billion. According to him this acquisition has improved the position of Broadcom in the communication chip sector. According to the deal, shareholders of NetLogic Microsystems will get $50 for each share. Board of directors of Broadcom and NetLogic Microsystems has approved the deal but the approval of shareholders of NetLogic Microsystems is still required.

CEO of Broadcom said that the aim of their company is to rule all the communication infrastructure sectors. Company was not present in the area of network processors so, this deal will help the company to grab the market. According to CEO of Broadcom this deal will result in many new products and latest technologies. This deal will bring revolution in the field of communication.

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