Firefox’s New Interface Will Speed Up Firefox On Android

Firefox New Interface Speed Up AndroidPerformance is more important than the wealth of add-ons that can be used to customize Firefox when it comes to Android devices, Mozilla said. Firefox will change to Android’s native user interface, replacing the XUL technology that has been used by Mozilla even before there was Firefox, Jonathan Nightingale, Mozilla Director of Firefox Engineering announced on a mailing list last Friday.

Unlike Apple’s Safari or the unbranded Google browser builds for Android, Firefox is widely used on personal computers but are actually not installed on any phones by default. Through Firefox, Mozilla tries to implement its vision of keeping the Web an open technology as well as empowering its users.

“Firefox on Android is a critical part of supporting the open Web, and this decision puts us in a position to build the best Firefox possible,” Nightingale said. With a native Android interface project for mobile phones, there will be a faster start-up, smoother zooming ad panning, less memory usage and with a better battery life, Nightingale said.

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One Response to "Firefox’s New Interface Will Speed Up Firefox On Android"

  1. Android Dave says:

    Sadly Firefox’s android browser is incredibly slow even on WiFi. I think they need to work on the speed issue for anything else.

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