Yellow Discoloration With iPhone 4S, Several Customers Claim

Yellow Discoloration iPhone 4SiPhone 4S has been a phenomenon recently due to its record breaking sales which reached to 4 million unit sales for the first three days after it was launched. Apple claimed that the sales with its latest iPhone 4S was e even more than two times the sales they had with iPhone 4 last year.

If you’ve got one of this very in demand unit with you, better take a second look. Many users has reported that they are having yellowish discoloration with their new units. Some even claim far as to saying that the yellowing discoloration is mostly found in the black version of iPhone 4S.

Apple replaced some devices that were yellow though. Some eventually cleared as the glue cured. If you are affected with this issue, you can take your unit into a local Apple store and have it checked. On the other hand, you can wait and observe first if the yellowish discoloration disappears.

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