Opera 10.52 Version For Mac Platform::

Opera 10.52 Version

Opera 10.52 Version

Opera 10.52 version is the latest web browser that has been launched by Opera especially for Mac OS X systems. Opera 10.52 is comprised of Growl notification support, multi-touch track-pad gestures support, and native Cocoa integration. This latest Opera 10.52 version is being argued to provide a 10 times faster than the older Opera 10.10 version. So, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome for Mac will face tough competition with Opera 10.52 when considering the speed as a concern.

The new Opera 10.52 web browser has been designed on native Cocoa framework and so it looks to be highly responsive. This latest 10.52 version comes with SVG support and HTML5 Video. Additionally, the new Vega graphic library and new Carakan JavaScript engine takes care of boosting up the browser’s speed.

This Opera version for Mac is overwhelming as it supports multi-touch gestures on the track-pad glass of Mac-Book Pros. It also got a Growl notification support to notify you some notifications when download is over or when a pop-up is blocked, etc. It also comes with Turbo compression technology with which you can enjoy browsing even at slower or congested networks.

You will just have to visit http://www.opera.com/browser/download/ from your Mac OS X’s Safari/Firefox/Chrome older browser to download the new Opera 10.52 browser.

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