Review: FIFA 12 PC Game, A More Realistic Experience

FIFA 12 LauncherFIFA being the world’s most popular sport makes it harder for Game Development companies like EA to bring the best of gameplay that will attract a large fan base.

With FIFA 12, EA has made more significant changes when compared to its predecessors and has a more of a positive review than before. Be it the new online features or the realistic animation, the game has something for everyone!

Unboxing: Well, we at TechGadgetsWeb.com were glad to review the game and were excited about its new features and game play. Thanks to Milestone Interactive, we got a review copy of the game 🙂 Lets move on to the installation and check out the features of FIFA 12 while comparing it with its old versions side by side.

FIFA 12 DVD FrontInstallation: Well, this isn’t that difficult anyways. But let me say something about Origin, which is the client a user needs to install to download and play FIFA or any other EA games for that matter. All your EA Account profiles along with preferences will be moved to the new Origin, very soon.

The system requirement doesn’t differ much from its predecessors. If you have been playing FIFA 11, then it’s likely that FIFA 12 will also feature a smooth gameplay on your PC.

For the first time, the PC version of the game uses the same engine as the consoles. This makes it more compelling to play the PC version due to the high resolution support. Obviously all new features such as player impact engine, tactical defending system, head-to-head seasons are available on all versions.

But the most interesting feature is the EA Sports Football Club which is basically a network where you are asked to select a real-life club which you support.

Upon selection, you basically earn points for that club for whatever you do on FIFA 12. These points are averaged and depending upon it, the club rankings will fluctuate in EAFC League.

Initial Game Reactions: We quickly made the selection of our real-life club (Can’t reveal which one though :D) and started a Kick-Of Exhibition Match.

The teams were randomized and controls were left default. The game play was so sharp and accurate. But I was personally annoyed a little with the Replays which had a few graphical issues, despite having the Instant Replay Feature.

The cut scenes are introduced where the match presentation of the two teams entering the field is shown. This is a welcome addition but lacks a bit of graphics.

Players Push & Pull in FIFA 12Game play: If you have been playing FIFA before, the biggest change you will notice is that of defence. The new tactical defending system makes the gameplay a little different. In the previous versions, you will defend in a way by pressing two buttons so that the defenders push their legs and hope for the best. This however no longer works in FIFA 12. You are rather made to keep a track of the opposition players and make a tactical move at the right time. You are kept a few feet away from the opposition player and you will be pressing b to use the standing tackle.

But you are allowed to switch back to the legacy defending system through Control Settings. But if you are an avid online gamer, then I don’t recommend this move. Because you are required to use the new tactical defending system when you gaming online. So it would be better to start getting used to it.

The precision dribbling feature allows the players to control the ball when and where required. You can use your player’s arm to pull opposition players which makes the game more intuitive. This makes it a more real gaming experience. You can get punished by the referee as well for attempting this many times. The animation and graphics during all this is great. The player impact engine which is another new feature brings a more real experience when players collide or make an aggressive tackle. A new physics system has been incorporated into the game, bringing an interactive game play.

The Single Player mode has not seen much improvement, which is a disappointment of course. But a notable change includes The Deadline of Transfer Window which is now handled on an hourly basis.  The Youngsters of the team grow more quickly despite them not being played a lot of time. Similarly the Hub in Career mode has nothing but the same old features. But the player impact engine allows you to experience injuries and situations which will make you to take decisions strategically in your Career Mode.

FIFA 12 Pro-Player IntelligenceBasics like passing and heading is more accurate in FIFA 12, defenders are more alert and most importantly the goal keeper is far more alert than in previous versions. Players look more themselves than others and a notable work has been put on Stadiums, making it more real.

The Pro-Player Intelligence makes the game more complex and difficult. Here, the CPU players have been infused with self-awareness and aptitude, making the gameplay more difficult.

Overall, FIFA 12 has to be taken for its number of small refinements that have been made to enhance gameplay. Till date, FIFA 12 provides the most realistic gaming experience of the world’s most popular sport. The most unique feature of inviting your friend’s to buy and play the game is welcomed by many. Finally to conclude, FIFA 12 is worth the buy for its addictive, rewarding and more real life experience gaming!

EDITOR’s Rating: 9/10

What do you reckon about FIFA 12?

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