Call of Duty 7 Unveiled As ‘Black Ops’ :


Black Ops

Black Ops

This is a just a hint of a reveal as the Treyarch, the game producers opened the lid on the 7th Call of Duty which is dubbed as Black Ops and announced the date of release as Nov 9, 2010. It was thought that Activision will release the game’s news on Apr 30 around mid night on SpikeTV, but they had surprised everyone by releasing the title and launch date early that morning.

Treyarch commented in the world’s small blog post that “We in Treyarch are thrilled to disclose our new development–Call of Duty: Black Ops! Move over to CallOfDuty.com/blackops for additional details to unfold things! Keep track of @JD_2020 and @Treyarch on Twitter for the updates & talks about Black Ops.” Treyarch debuted in Twitter with this status update stated 20 hours ago on Apr 30 “I guess we’re still on for tonight’s teaser trailer, airing at 12:40 a.m.”

What the name defines? Well for beginners, Black Ops doesn’t portrait very World War II. Alternate Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward’s two biggest revenue rainmakers–Modern Warfare and its recent sequel–take place in contemporary settings. This explains the reason for Treyarch wanting in on that action, and with terrorism being the watchword in the U.S. now-a-days, you can already imagine the potential settings, from Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, or the Balkans to Venezuela, Colombia, Angola, or Zimbabwe, and various hot spots in the Middle East.

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