With Low Market Share, Apple Gets 52% of Industry’s Profit

Apple Inc iPhone got more than fifty percent of the profit of the mobile phones industry in the last quarter in spite of having a low market share in the industry. Industry analysts said that Apple got 52% of the operating profit of the handset industry having only 4.2 % market share.
Industry analysts are also of the view that iPhone can easily have 60% of the profits of the phone market if the sales of iPhones reaches 29 million in the December 2011 quarter. Launched in October Apple iPhone 4S sold 4 million sets within first three days of the launch.
The profit in the fourth quarter got raised to $6.62 billion from a mere $4.31 billion and that is a 54% increase from that recorded one year before. As per the sales estimates till now, sale of Apple iPhone 4S may touch 104.4 million in the fiscal year 2012.


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