Apple iPhone, iPad: Latest Happenings And Hiccups – Win An iPhone 4S

Apple iPhone 4S WinThe iPhone is always in the news, particularly just a few weeks after the release of the 4S. We’ve collected together a few of the more intriguing reports and rumours including details on how to win your very own iPhone 4S absolutely free with leading mobile phone comparison website Best Mobile Contracts.

The Next iPad?
There are several rumours of improvements to the current market leader, the iPad 2, next year. Apple is quite comfortable with the iPad 2’s largely unchallenged position, but that will change. Even as soon as February, the Asus Padphone/Transformer combo will offer something Apple doesn’t, in the form of a smartphone that can become a tablet just by docking into a bigger screen. Other Android tablets already compete on price or portability, and sooner or later will compete on overall quality too. So, though Apple are happily selling iPad 2 after iPad 2, they are certainly working on the next generation, or perhaps the next two generations. Firm rumours, coming from Apple’s supply chain partners, point to an iPad 3 out by this time next year, with the possibility of an intermediate (probably still named some variant of “iPad 2”, but perhaps with improved innards, in much the same way the iPhone 4S is named for the iPhone 4 despite the many differences).

Siri Virtual Assistant
So, how are people using Siri, now the iPhone 4S has been in people’s hands for a few weeks? Are they even using it at all, or is everyone just back to tapping searches into Google, in a more traditional way? Are there any problems with it?

First up – yes, people are using it. And how, a recent survey indicates that the vast majority of iPhone 4S users only ever resort to Google if Siri is unable to answer the question first, and most have never needed to do so in the few weeks since acquiring their new handsets. This will be scaring Google. In the short term it will cut into Google’s ad revenues, but more importantly it shows just how easily old technology can be left behind. Android just isn’t even close to offering a voice-activated assistant of Siri’s calibre, and by the time it is, it could be too late. What adds insult to injury, for Google, is that Siri still happily uses Google search when appropriate – she just doesn’t get them any ad revenue when she does.

That’s in the USA, at least, where the study was carried out. Most of the location-based functions basically just don’t work outside the USA, so we have to assume that Apple fans in the UK are using it a little less. Chances are pretty good that they just adapted to its quirks, and just use it for facts rather than ordering pizza, so the Google-killer issues remain. Apple is theoretically working on improving the service for the rest of the world, too.

Many US-based Siri users have had trouble recently too, being given “unable to connect to the network” replies from the Virtual Personal Assistant. This should theoretically be teething troubles rather than a regular occurrence, but it does indicate an ongoing problem with Siri. It’s not a personal assistant that’s inside your phone, it’s a personal assistant in the Cloud, and without net access, it’s not really up too much.

iPhone hiccups
Many users have been reporting poor battery life on their iPhone 4S, which, given that the 4S was touted as having a better battery life than ever, is understandably disappointing. Apple has now released iOS 5.0.1, as a beta, which is reported to fix the battery life problem and a few more minor issues.

No Match for iTunes
Apple were supposed to be releasing iTunes Match, which will allow you to more easily import non-iTunes Store songs into iTunes and have them available anywhere you have net access, by the end of October. They’re unusually late, with no sign of a new, confirmed release date.

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