Facebook Gets Rid Of Pornographic Image Spam Attack

Facebook Eradicates Pornographic Image Spam AttackFacebook has declared that it has gotten rid of the pornographic and violent images that were being posted as a way of spam attack.

The social networking site has blamed the browser’s vulnerability and claimed that it is improving the systems for defending itself against any further attack in the near future.

Thousands of users have complained that they were experiencing unexpected pictures for over a year.

According to a source informing BBC, Facebook was aware of the person or organization responsible for the issues – and that wasn’t quite anonymous hacktivist.

The firm has agreed to collaborate with its legal department so that legal actions can be taken against the suspected attacker.

Facebook figured out that the spam attack was made through a self XSS vulnerability available in the browser”.

It has been found that users were forced to open malicious javascript in browser URL causing them to share the offensive contents unknowingly.

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