Facebook To Strengthen Collaboration With Skype

Facebook Skype CollaborationFacebook and Skype are currently in enlarging practice of the scope of technical integration to facilitate video chatting between 2 people – one using Skype interface provided that the other uses Facebook interface.

In July, Skype and Facebook announced about their linking up so that the Facebook members can avail the one to one video chatting facility.

Currently, a Skype user is able to start a video chat session using the Skype interface with someone logging into the Facebook not necessarily on Skype.

To do that, users need to install Beta version 5.4 for Mac, and Beta version 5.7 for Windows of Skype client software, as disclosed by Skype on Thursday.

In the last July, Skype and Facebook officials had revealed that the companies were planning to extend the opportunities of the potential integration between them.

An inferred next step may be to introduce the option for a Facebook user to enjoy video chats with more than friends at a time.

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